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"Quem vai ao mar avia-se em terra"

(Portuguese saying)

Aquaculture of indigenous molluscs on Madeira Island 

What we do

Go Limpets specializes in the production of native Macaronesia molluscs. We supply molluscs to the gastronomic market.

Innovative technology

Go Limpets conducts aquaculture research for the production and maintenance of molluscs for human consumption. Our team works with marine biology research centers for the continuous improvement of aquaculture processes and their digitization.



Go Limpets seeks to produce and market live molluscs for human consumption. From the applied research of mollusc species with the greatest gastronomic and economic value up to their commercialization, we seek to optimize the aquaculture process and create value throughout the appropriate distribution chain. We work with renowned regional gastronomy to distribute fresh produce of high quality and for consumption.


Digitalization of seafood maintenance

The distribution of live seafood for human consumption requires strict monitoring of food quality, toxins and transport conditions. Go Limpets started the research project to digitise this process with the DIATOMIC consortium and the AquaDig project. The idea is to reduce operational costs and mortality through a digital layer that monitors and optimizes the operation of equipment (energy efficiency) and provides food safety and traceability. AquaDig leverages digital innovation to increase data collection and processing, enabling efficiencies and tangible benefits.


Limpet aquaculture in Madeira island

Specifically in the islands of Madeira, the limpet has a high interest for human consumption, and harvesting in natural habitats is a common practice. Our project intends to propose an alternative to wild capture.


Your regional live seafood distributor

We are distributing live seafood in Madeira Island. You can contact us to get a quote on lobster, crab, clams, mussels or any other type of crustacean or shellfish you require.
Check our catalogue for our offer. We can also help you with more exotic species for your gastronomic needs.


Rampa da Quinta de Santana 18A, 9050-535 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.


E-mail: info@go-limpets.pt


Number: 514771720